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Hardwood Pellets

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Not only does Hearth and Home Shoppe sell really great pellet stoves and inserts. We sell really great wood pellets as well!!

Experienced pellet stove owners know that burning a high quality pellet makes pellet heat much easier and cost-effective. Choosing a pellet that burns hot and produces minimal ash is ideal.

Hearth and Home Shoppe is proud to offer Turman Hardwood Pellets produced in Galax, VA as well as Hamer's Hot Ones from Hamer Pellet Fuel Co. Turman's pellets are a by-product of their own hardwood floor manufacturing which produces a consistent supply of high-quality sawdust. Hamer's Hot Ones are consistently rated as a high quality product and have a dedicated following.

Also, Hearth and Home Shoppe offers a special purchase of our wood pellets in the Spring. Purchase your pellets in 1, 2, 3 or 4 ton quantities at a steep discount. We provide storage for up to two years for your pellets. Pick up a few bags or a ton at a time as you need them. We have many wood pellet customers who take advantage of this purchasing power.

Stop by the Shoppe today and buy a few bags and see the difference they make in your pellet stove! Come, Feel the Fire!

Wood Pellet Products

Below you will find a few of the most popular wood pellet products.

Our Brands of Wood Pellets

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