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Peterson – Real Fyre – Vented and Vent Free Gas LogsFor people who have an existing fireplace but seldom use it, a set of gas logs may be the best way to have dancing flames at your fingertips. Gas logs provide dramatic realism, from the lifelike logs to the glowing embers.

These log sets have a burner that uses either natural gas or propane, and are an affordable way to revamp your existing fireplace.

There are two types of gas log sets: vented and vent-free. Each log set generally includes a grate and a burner.

Vented gas logs have the most realistic look with a spectacular flame, but are considered decorative because the damper must remain wide open when in use. To reduce heat loss, it is a good idea to install a set of glass doors to close off the firebox when the logs are not in use. Vent-free gas logs are designed to operate with the damper closed. They provide a vast amount of heat with the damper closed but can impact air quality and must be used according to manufacturer's specifications to ensure safe operation.

Gas logs are approved for installation within most open masonry or factory-built wood-burning fireplaces as long as the fireplace and chimney are clean and in proper working condition, and can be equipped with an easy-to-use remote control.

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Below you will find a few of the most popular gas log products.

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