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Gas Fireplaces: A Cleaner, Efficient Choice for Home Heating

When considering fireplace options for your home, gas will always be a superior choice over wood-burning and electric. They are a great way to enjoy the warmth and look of dancing flames with no wood to chop or ashes to clean. Gas fireplaces also burn cleaner, produce fewer polluting emissions and are very easy to maintain. The annual cost to run a gas fireplace is much less and they have the least amount of heat loss.

There are three types of gas fireplaces—inserts, built-ins and log sets—all of which have direct-vent and vent-free models.

Inserts are heating units that retrofit into an existing wood-burning fireplace transforming it into a high-efficiency gas heater. Running a gas line into the fireplace is required for this type of installation. Inserts also have adjustable flame settings and feature blowers to help circulate heat.

Built-in fireplaces are just as the name suggests. They are built into a wall where a fireplace did not previously exist. This option would require some construction and remodeling. New technology has helped add many smart features to gas fireplaces like temperature control and remote operation.

Log sets are for those who have an existing fireplace but do not use it often. They offer the most realistic look with detailed logs and glowing embers. Logs are manufactured out of three types of materials—molded ceramic fibers, extruded bisque ceramic clay and molded refractory cement.

Gas fireplace models come in numerous styles and designs that can add beauty and value to your home. Hearth and Home Shoppe carries many popular brands like Avalon, Mendota, Lopi and more. Let our knowledgeable staff guide you in selecting the right gas fireplace for your home—we can even help you choose a new mantel or surround. Our highly skilled service technicians, who receive hands-on factory training, can also professionally install your new gas fireplace.

For questions or help choosing the right gas fireplace for your home, give us a call, visit us online or schedule an appointment to come by our showroom in the Village of Mechanicsville.