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Fireplace Xtrordinair - Gas FireplaceToday, gas-burning hearth products are the most popular hearth category. Thanks to significant product innovations, almost 70% of all hearth products now burn gas. Many homeowners choose to put a gas fireplace into their home for the ease of use and cleanliness versus burning wood.

Direct vent gas fireplaces sometimes vent horizontally out the back of the unit, minimizing venting costs and maximizing their flexibility of placement in the home. Gas fireplaces can be also be vented vertically, or with a combination of vertical and horizontal vent runs as allowed.

Direct vent gas fireplaces exhaust the burned gasses so that the combustion process is completely sealed from the living area. Most gas fireplaces are very efficient and some produce quite a bit of heat into the home.

Gas fireplaces today have many stylish features, can be equipped with blowers, and operate with a remote. They provide a great source of back-up heat during a power outage.

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Below you will find a few of the most popular gas fireplace products.

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